Press clippings


Le Figaro (France), 2018

« Far away from stereotypes, this spontaneous man, witty and funny, is disarmingly honest. (...) An amazingly alive and curious musician. »

Opera News, 2017

« Emmanuel Ceysson is charming, loquacious and brillantly gifted, active as soloist and teacher as well as orchestra member. »

Harp Column, 2016

«After less than a year in New York with the Metropolitan Opera, French harpist Emmanuel Ceysson knows he has finally met his match. (...) United States' premier opera house extended tenure to him this spring, after less than one full season on the job. »

Le Point (France), 2015

« It's not the ambition of becoming Mister Harp that pushes him. It's the vision. (...) He aims to vibrate further. »

The Washington Post, 2014

 « Ceysson is a rising star in the harp world, (...) both his technique and his musicianship are virtually flawless. (...)
Ceysson’s musical intelligence really impressed. (...) The impressionist-era works (...) revealed Ceysson’s more substantial depths. He played the Debussy preludes “La fille aux cheveux de lin” and “Bruyères” with a delicacy almost impossible to achieve on the piano, and two clever, richly imaginative Divertimentos by André Caplet were a delight to hear. (...)
It was an impressive and deeply involving evening all in all.»

Berlin Tagesspiegel, 2012


« Quite unprecedented, the sensual way in which Ceysson conducted his love play, the way his skilful fingers teased out a bewitching atmosphere, made the strings vibrate, gave the notes space to die away in total liberty. A human body and an instrument merged into one. The audience held its breath as it listened, then broke into ecstatic applause. Mon Dieu! »

Süddeutscher Zeitung, 2010

« For in fact the young Frenchman is admirably suited to the role of a pop star. . . . With him the harp does not serve only to produce colourful effects, arpeggios and glissandi, but is reinstated as a melodic, indeed polyphonic instrument. »

The NY Concert Review, 2009

« Young Emmanuel Ceysson was remarkable on the harp; in this era, it is difficult to find a male harpist but even more rare to find a harpist with such jubilant spirit. »

New York Times, 2006

« Curvaceous, cuddlesome and irresistibly charming (…) Mr. Ceysson is an excellent player. »

Diapason (France), 2006

« What is amazing, as soon as one hears this young man play, is his skill in getting his sound across, in giving it an almost vocal vibration and projection. A cast-iron technique which reminds us that the great harpists are more than a match for the biggest acoustics. »

The Daily Telegraph, 2005

« Ceysson's playing had a remarkable fullness and variety of tone, beautifully expressive. »