A Word from Emmanuel :


«MUSIC comes first! No matter what you play, your instrument should always just be a tool, a mean to reach a higher state of expression and emotion...

But I must admit that when its sound bewitched me as a 6yo boy, later witnessing its majestic shape and hypnotic dance convinced me even more : HARP deserves a front stage spot as a classical instrument!

Since then, it became my FIGHT, and I was lucky enough to be given plenty of opportunities to COMMUNICATE my immense pleasure making its strings SING on stage.

I hope I get the chance to SHARE it with you one day! In the meantime, happy browsing ;) 


Much love,

E »


"Ceysson is charming, loquacious and brilliantly gifted, active as soloist and teacher as well as orchestra member."

F. Paul Driscoll - Opera News, December 2017


Live shots, September 21st Niederrhein Musikfestival, © Ira Weinrauch