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Cátedra Salvi de Arpa

Emmanuel Ceysson currently directs the Colombian programme ‘Cátedra Salvi de Arpa’, inaugurated in 2006 at the initiative of Julia Salvi and the Fundaçión Salvi - Colombia. With a frequency of two annual sessions of masterclasses, a succession of leading harpists have come there to pass on their passion of the harp, their energy and their talents, with great generosity.

A loyal supporter of the programme since its creation, Emmanuel Ceysson committed himself to it in 2007, with the support of the French Embassy, and since then has played a more and more important role in the training of young Colombian artists. Accompanied by Bibiana Ordoñez, professor of harp of the National University of Bogotá, he has taught a whole generation of young harpists, some of whom can now look forward to the prospect of major international competitions and eventually gaining posts in South American orchestras.